Full Disclosure: the "we" in STONEFIELD PHOTO is mainly me, Damon Williams... but not just me. I've carried a camera around since I was old enough to carry one, and so, after retiring from government work, I began to get more serious  about it. Well, one thing led to another, and I figured I'd try to make a go of a business. 

It seemed to me that businesses in Kitsap needed access to professional imaging services, especially in this day and age, when your marketing can go global in .5 milliseconds via the web. I do that for folks, and love it. There's nothing better than hearing your customer say "wow" when they see their products.

By the way, this is The Schnitzel. She's a super good girl. And, if you can't tell, I love dogtography.


I learned my iron-clad commitment to professionalism while serving our country for over 25 years. I learned very quickly that excuses don’t get the job done: thoughtful planning, constant preparation and practice, and concentration on the job at-hand do. When a customer is counting on me to execute a project, I take that as seriously as I would if it were images for my own business. Why? Because the images that represent your business, create a first, and lasting impression with your prospective customers, which can make or break your future. I know how important your branding and images are to you and I take getting them right just as seriously as you do…because they’re my business too!

This is my camera club, Kitsap Photography Guild, on a nature walk at Chico Creek, to shoot the chum salmon run, which I arranged. 


My formal, professional training (Rocky Mountain School of Photography), and years of experience, give me the expertise to choose the right techniques to showcase what you do well. Whether it’s studio lighting techniques, action photography, on-scene organization, videography skills, or post-production editing, I’ll be able to highlight your strengths, and help you put the right images in front of the right customers, by using the right methods and platforms.

I shoot more than commercial stuff. This is from Bremerton Raceway, which I've been shooting for a couple of years.

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