I recently had the chance to shoot the new Buxton Center for Bainbridge Performing Arts center immediately prior to a grand opening ceremony they were about to hold. This was kind of serendipitous, since I’ve been looking to move into design/architecture photography, and this was a very modern, sleek, and well-thought-out facility. And, I’d probably never have a chance to see it empty again. So here you go.

What this makes me think of is something I heard at the very beginning of my Business Professional Course at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, which was that I (and the other students) needed to strive to get access to great things to photograph. I think this image is proof positive of the truth of that statement.

This was a great opportunity, but I’m not only interested in photographing grand, community spaces, although those are pretty cool. Small, personal spaces can be beautiful too. With a little preparation, deliberation, and inspiration, nearly any space can be made to look beautiful with the help of a good architectural photographer. The sense of design, composition, and detail that make someone a good photographer of any genre, can be harnessed to make them a good photographer of design and architecture (or real estate for that matter).

I look forward to getting the chance to explore some of the more interesting and unusual (but also classic and conventional) spaces around the Kitsap Peninsula. If you have a space that you would like to have captured in a professional manner, contact us. We work routinely in Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Seabeck, Poulsbo, Kingston, Hansville, Port Gamble, and Bainbridge Island.

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