I recently had a chance to do some photojournalism for a local paper, of a large bicycle tour. I took a million shots (well, about 1200) of a million scenes, which was fun! 

Looking at the images, I started thinking about the way in which we depict motion in photos. Sometimes, it’s best to freeze things, in order to capture the detail of the action that would otherwise be invisible (like the line of bikes). Other times, it helps to capture motion blur, which shows the flow and nuance, like the cyclist in orange. 

This latter technique is infinitely more difficult, in my experience, since it requires the photographer to use a shutter speed that captures some motion, but to still create sharpness in the image (of course, not always). And, that sharpness is a magnet for the eye, and forms a strong compositional element.

Action photography, including sports, isn’t one of my primary offerings, but it is a type of photography that I really enjoy, and have cultivated a skill at. If movement or action is part of your business, even if that’s just pouring a cup-a-joe, and you need to capture that in order to tell your company’s story, STONEFIELD has you covered. Nearly every Kitsap photographer can give you a head shot. But, not every photographer can capture imagery of your products and people in motion. So if you’re on the Kitsap Peninsula, and in Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Seabeck, Hansville, or…wherever, get in touch and we’ll figure out how to add dynamic energy to your company’s marketing.

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