If there’s one thing I’ve learned about photography, outside of the technical aspects, it’s that it forces you to explore of the edges your own abilities, and to push those. Doing this, in my experience, is like wandering around in a dark room. You kind of know what you’re doing, and where your heading, and you could be perfectly safe if you stood still, but there you’d be, standing in the middle of a dark room. If you do push forward though, sometimes your hand touches things that you can’t identify, or do anything with. BUT, usually, if you move forward with purpose and carefully, your hand will touch and recognize that thing you were searching for. That thing could be a light switch, flash light, door knob, or (usually in my case) a refrigerator handle. ;) When you connect with that thing you’re looking for, lightning flashes of recognition go off in your head, and your trepidation vanishes, and you move on to the next goal in your ultimate intent. 

So, my photographic journey has been a bit like this. As I’ve tried different genres, I’ve moved into them somewhat blindly, and without skill or art. But, as I’ve persisted in some things, I’ve found that I could in fact pull them off. And, as I’ve pulled them off, and moved forward somewhat blindly in developing skills, I’ve figured out how to add that element of style and art that I was looking for. That’s how I felt about astro photography.

I recently had a chance to visit one of the spots in the U.S. that has International Dark Sky status. I’d never really done astro, but thought that I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. I think it’s a promising start, but that’s about it.

However, product photography, and food photography are different. I’m at the stage where I’m able to not only “pull it off” technically, but to add style, intent, theme, mood, look…whatever you want to call it. I can make someone’s stuff, or food, look the way they envision it should. That’s one of the things that I bring to businesses in Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, and Bainbridge Island. Your vision = My images.

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