Tell me if I’m wrong (no, really, tell me) but the whole point of branding and product imagery is to bring the right person’s attention to the existence, and nature of a company’s offerings. Right? I mean, if you’re going to stay in business, you need the right people (your target market) to know you’re out there, know what you do (or make, or whatever), and understand that thing or service (and how it can be of benefit). You might even say that the point of all advertising is bringing the target market’s focus to your brand and your products/services.

In this sense, “focus” has two meanings. Not only does it mean considered attention, but since we’re talking about imagery, we’re also talking about the optical quality of focus. In the optical sense, focus is kind of more complex than you’d think ( ) but let’s just say that it means visibly sharp, and clear. 

Achieving that clarity in an image can sometimes be very challenging, but it can be essential, and magnetic. In these images, the sharpness of the objects naturally bring the viewer’s eyes right into the product. Doesn’t every creator want their product imagery to draw the customer’s focus (attention), right into the point of focus (optical)?

Skilled product and branding photographers don’t leave it to chance, about where the viewers eyes are lead. They craft images in order to drive the target market’s eyes right to the important parts of the image, in order to convert encounters to sales. If you’re a creator on the Kitsap Peninsula, you need a product and branding photographer who knows how to capture the customer’s focus and lead it to the point of focus. If you’re in Pt. Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bainbridge, Hansville, or Kingston, or anywhere in Kitsap, STONEFIELD PHOTO can bring the focus to you.

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