Even when you know what something is used for, it can help to see how other people use it. That’s the way I felt about this particular tool, which I shot for a small, tactical gear manufacturer. Saying “it’s a clip” is one thing, but seeing a real world use case is another. I had to figure out how someone might reasonably use this item as intended, and then capture it. 

More specifically, you need to depict the use case for your target market. In this particular case, knowing that the existing customer base was very male heavy, it occurred to me that this brand might want to start marketing to the other 51% of the population: women. And, in doing so, I needed to develop female use cases for the product. And so I present the Amigo Clip.

If you’re a manufacturer, giving your target market images that show them how they might use your product is a must. So you need a product photographer, and a branding photographer that can do better than stock photographer, and hit your target market squarely. They need to use their imagination and creativity to market your product, and not just take pictures of stuff.

Anyway, if you’re on the Kitsap Peninsula, and want to do better than stock photography, start looking for a professional product and branding photographer. And, make sure that they spend time learning about your business, your product, your target market, and your vision for the brand. At STONEFIELD PHOTO, that’s what we do. We serve Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, Hansville, and the whole peninsula. Give us a buzz.

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