How should I prepare for my headshot?

How to Prepare for your Headshot.

So you’ve decided to get a headshot. If this is your first time, you may be asking yourself exactly how you should handle hair, makeup, clothes, and other related appearance issues. Even if you’ve had one before, it probably wouldn’t hurt to brush up on some of the issues surrounding getting ready for the shoot. 

Obviously, who you are, and how you want to be perceived has a MAJOR impact on how you should prepare for the shoot. I’m going to make several posts that should, hopefully, cover the entire gamut of things that folks might needs to consider when getting ready for their shots.

And, at this point, it’s important for me to emphasize that getting a good headshot is a game of details. There are TONS of variations, from the corporate, to the informal, but in all cases, we need to talk about, and think about your intent, and how we’re going to achieve it. Appearances matter, and we’ll make sure yours hit the target.

Headshot Grooming Guide for Men

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