I thought this might be interesting to see. I just got this off my phone, where it’d been siting for several weeks. Anyway, this is he setup for the Rainier Beer shot I did a couple of months ago. There’s no smoke and mirrors here, but you can see that I did cheat, by declining to scale Mt. Rainier in order to get the shot. ;)

The challenge of the shot is that you have to make the foreground object look natural, and blend it in with the background scene. You need to replicate, with artificial light, the direction, color and quality of the light that’s illuminating the background. So, you have to a) choose a background that is the right location/ scene you’re looking for, then you have to b) figure out how to manage your light in order to make it look natural. 

You can see that it’s a pretty powerful technique if you can do it correctly though. No? I think that there are many businesses, bars, and restaurants that could benefit from a technique like this for the purposes of creating branding imagery. Shots of the interior could be taken under controlled circumstances, in order to capture the ambience and activity of the business location. Then, any number of products could be shot on that background, with 100% realism.

But “why not just use Photoshop” I hear you say? That might work for some things. But, for many others, that may be transparent, semi-transparent, or reflective to some degree, the external environment has to be visible through, our bouncing off the object. Given that the time and pain to make photoshop pay off would simply be grueling. 

This is the kind of innovation and quality in food, product, and business branding imagery that I want to offer businesses in Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, and throughout the Kitsap Peninsula. In this day and age, folks need to work with image creators who are versed in all the modern technologies. Get in touch. Let’s work it out.

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