It’s where you find it.

Beauty is where you find it. 

You really never know where you’re going to spot something that’s worth capturing in-camera. And, IMHO, you never really know what the subject will be either. You have to constantly evaluate everything your eye falls upon, as a potential photographic subject. And, if you do, you’ll capture lots of stuff that you thought “ooh, that’s cool” but later, when the moment has passed, you’ll say “that’s kind of dumb looking.” 

But, every now and then you will capture images that really do speak in some way or another. And, even the also-rans, are great training for how to take not so charismatic subjects, and portray them in such a way that they do have meaning. 

And, in a way, that’s what I strive to do for many of my customers. I mean, if you’ve seen one cheeseburger, you’ve seem then all. But, figuring out how to portray that cheeseburger so that it’s unique, appealing, and inviting, is a real challenge, and art. But that’s what I do.

It matters to the customer (the burger maker) and the customers’s customers. 

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