You probably already know that one of my primary offerings to local businesses is branding, product, and food photography (I guess that’s three offerings). I like it. I have several different styles that I can execute, and it’s something A LOT of business need, whether they do hospitality or manufacturing, or services.

Well, we have a plethora, in fact a veritable cornucopia, of craft breweries on the Kitsap Peninsula. As an admirer of the brewing arts, an enthusiastic beer drinker, and a guy looking to do business, I’ve decided to focus on these businesses so as to specialize a bit, and really home in on their needs.

Now, usually I go for soft light, particularly when shiny objects are involved. But, I’ve been experimenting with a technique that uses projected backgrounds (not AI) and requires me to replicate the light in the background, on the foreground objects. The technique can be really interesting. This image is the product of that. 

I took the background image in 2020. I replicated harsh, mid-day light, like the conditions at the time and place I took the background photo. And, they way I’ve lit everything, the contrast and the color, I just can’t help but think of the illuminated beer signs I saw in the early ‘70s. The vibrant colors and composition of woodland scenes just screams 1973 to me. Thoughts?

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