I got a a chance to do something cool last Sunday. Here’s the story:

After shooting some food images for a Poulsbo cafe’ in December, I succeeded in convincing the North Kitsap Herald that there was an interesting story behind this female owned cafe’ that shared space with another entrepreneur. They did a feature article on the cafe operators. Cool!

Well, one thing led to another, and I got a chance to do some freelance photography and writing for the herald.

Sunday I interviewed Al Phillips who curates a place on Bainbridge Island called Dolphin Place Open Space, which among other things, is a native plant garden, affiliated with the Washington Native Plant Society. Al’s land is really neat, and his knowledge of the flora of the region is truly encyclopedic. 

Now, photojournalism isn’t exactly my speciality, but it was a neat opportunity. And, IMHO, it required a lot of the same skills that my core competency, small business branding and imagery, requires. I had to figure out Al’s way of doing business, and then figure out how to portray what he and his organization are all about. It was great fun, great practice, and I think it was valuable for Al too.

Anyway, check out the links below, and don’t hesitate to contact Al. He’ll be giving tours throughout the summer, for the first time in 50 years, so this is a real treat.

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