You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Generally, I’d say that’s true. But in order to be worth MORE than one thousand words, it has to be THE RIGHT image. This image is a perfect example of that. 

This is one of several images I shot for a luggage manufacturer, who specializes in, among other things, waxed cotton. This is a fire starter kit, complete with flint, striker, and tinder. The rolls on the left are scrap fabric, that in addition to being waterproof, are pretty flammable. This was their way of making best use of the byproduct of manufacturing. 

Thing is, by itself (and yes, I shot some product-on-white images of this kit), the kit is pretty…unremarkable. But, catching it in use, complete with sparks and eventually flames, completely changed the image. Why?

First, I think, because the action makes it dynamic. You can see how it’s used. Second, well, fire. What more do I need to say about that? And perhaps most importantly, without writing a word, the PURPOSE of the kit becomes plain. It’s whole reason for existing becomes obvious. It has just sold itself. That’s what good product imagery can do and why local businesses in Kitsap need product photographers and photography. 

Demonstration of purpose, in imagery, can be a game changer for anyone entrepreneur. Any business that makes and sells something, needs to show their product fulfilling its destiny. But that value of imagery extends beyond products. Demonstrating the value of services can change the game too. Business branding images of services, from gutter cleaning to dog walking, car polishing to tooth polishing, improve a business’ connection to its target market. 

If you run a business in Kitsap, and want to improve the professionalism and quality of the appearance of your branding, you need to talk to a professional. STONEFIELD PHOTO can sit down with you and understand your needs, intent, and strategy, and then create high quality imagery for all purposes, that shows what you do and how you do it. In most cases, we can complete a project in one day, anywhere in Kitsap County. Think about it…

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